With much expectation, ICITE 2020 was finally held successfully in virtual form during September 11-13, 2020. Although unpleasant situation prevents us from gathering at beautiful Beijing, the conference was still activated by the warmness of participants! ICITE2020 is sponsored by IEEE, co-sponsored by College of Metropolitan Transportation, Beijing University of Technology, China and State Key Lab of Rail Traffic Control & Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University, China. Technical sponsored by Beijing Union University, China; Zhejiang University, China, IEEE VTS Beijing Chapter and Singapore Institute of Electronics. 

尽管受到疫情影响,令人期待的智能交通国际会议通过线上虚拟会议的形式召开,与会作者的热情不减,会议圆满成功。本次会议由IEEE主办;北京工业大学城市交通学院, 北京交通大学轨道交通控制与安全国家重点实验室联合主办; 北京联合大学,浙江大学,IEEE VTS 北京分会和新加坡电子学会协办。 

News! Beijing Jiaotong University news report about ICITE 2020. 北京交通大学关于ICITE2020会后新闻报道 (Click

Conference Proceedings 

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On Sept. 11, Conference Chairs - Prof. Yanyan Chen and Prof. Bo Ai made an opening remarks and welcome address respectively. 


On keynote and invited speeches session, Prof. Feiyue Wang, Prof. Jinhu Lü, Prof. Miguel Ángel Sotelo, Prof. Li Li, Prof. Daxin Tian, Prof. Zhiyuan Liu, Prof. Mai Xu, Prof. Wanjing Ma, Prof. Haijun Zhang, Prof. Zhenyu Zhou, Prof. Biyu Chen and Prof. Zhijia Tan etc delivered excellent speeches.  

在9月11-13日举行的大会报告和受邀报告环节有来自国内外12位专家教授就智能交通的现状及发展做了精彩的主题报告。他们分别是 王飞跃教授,IEEE Fellow,中国科学院自动化研究所; 吕金虎教授,IEEE Fellow, 北京航空航天大学; Miguel Ángel Sotelo教授,IEEE Fellow, 西班牙阿尔卡拉大学; 李力教授,IEEE Fellow, 清华大学; 陈碧宇教授, 武汉大学; 刘志远教授,东南大学;马万经教授,同济大学;谭志加教授, 大连海事大学;田大新教授,北京航空航天大学;徐迈教授,北京航空航天大学; 张海君教授, 北京科技大学;周振宇教授,华北电力大学。 


Moreover the conference was composed of Best Student Papers Competitions and 14 technical oral sessions, topics covered, for example, Transportation Infrastructure Design and Construction, Traffic Safety and Management, Railway Network Construction and Operation, Traffic Communication Technology Application, City Logistics and Distribution and so on. Each parallel session went through smoothly and a “Best Presentation” award was issued at the end of sub-conference.  

ICITE 2020 吸引了150多位专家学者以及公司代表参与会议讨论,本次会议设置了14个分会场以及优秀学生论文遴选会场。在为期三天的会议中大家围绕交通基础设施设计与建设,交通安全与管理,铁路网络的建设与运营,交通通信技术应用,城市物流与配送等主题进行了论述,并分享了各自领域的最新研究和经验。 

9月13日下午,ICITE 2020 闭幕,大会主席,来自北京交通大学的艾渤教授致闭幕词,回顾会议历程,总结会议数据,分享会议亮点。闭幕式上还进行了颁奖环节,优秀学生论文奖依次揭晓,获奖人均获得证书的嘉奖。至此ICITE 2020圆满成功并正式落下帷幕。 


Best Student Paper Awards 

Tianhe Ma, Tongji University, China 
Tianshu Zhang, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
Lu Tao, Beijing Jiaotong university, China 
Yuxuan Xing, Beijing University of Technology, China 
Xuewu Lin, Tsinghua University, China 
Hai Rong Lee, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore 
Jiayu Shen, Beijing Institute of Technology, China 
Peter Riegl, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany 


Best Oral Presentation Awards

Session I - (TE20-371) A Ramp Merging Strategy For Automated Vehicles Considering Vehicle Longitudinal And Latitudinal Dynamics | Shurong Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China 

Session II - (TE20-350) Multi Decoupling Point Optimization Model and its Application in Ecotype Supply Chain - Platform A Case Study | Hongji ZHANG, Southwest JiaoTong University, China

Session III - (TE20-3112) The Safety Design Suggestions of Autonomous Mine Transportation System | Binjian Wu, UniTTEC Co., Ltd., China

Session IV - (TE20-348) Railway Passenger Flow Forecast based on Hybrid PVAR-NN Model | Huiyu Zhou, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Session V - (TE20-337) Calculation and Optimization of Minimum Headway in Moving Block System | Hao Gao, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Session VI - (TE20-3104) Modeling the Tourism Travel Mode and Route Choice Behaviour based on Nested Logit Model | Yigang Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Session VII - (TE20-3101) Research on Traffic Characteristics of Signal Intersections with Mixed Traffic Flow | Xiao Tong Cui, Jilin University, China

Session VIII - (TE20-362) Traffic Connection Simulation Evaluation of High Speed Railway Passenger Hub based on VISSIM | BAO Lewen, Zhejiang Normal University, China

Session IX - (TE20-355) A Genetic Algorithm-based AutoML Approach for Large-scale Traffic Speed Prediction | Junwei You, Northeast Normal University, China

Session X - (TE20-327) The Empirical Study on Effectiveness Evaluation of 15-Year Structural Reform for China Rescue and Salvage | LI Rui, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, China

Session XI - (TE20-3106) Research on Automated Testing Method of Railway Signaling System | Sha Wang, UniTTEC Co., Ltd., China

Session XII - (TE20-392) Bi-objective Optimization of Emergency Dispatching and Routing for Multi-mode Network using Ant Colony Algorithm | Enze Liu, Chang’an University, China

Session XIII - (TE20-387) Research on the Method and Application of Intelligent Information Service Demand Identification of Inland Waterway | Xiaojian DI, Transport Planning and Research Institute, Ministry of Transport, China

Session XIV - (TE20-3123) Study on Departure Time Choice of Tourism Purpose Trips with the Perception of Predicted Near-Future Traffic Condition – an Experiment Using a Mobile Application | Yiping Le, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan 


ICITE2020 Speakers

Jinhu Lü | 吕金虎教授
Fellow of IEEE
Beihang University, China 
Feiyue Wang | 王飞跃教授
Fellow of IEEE
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 
Miguel Ángel Sotelo
Fellow of IEEE
University of Alcalá, Spain 
Li Li | 李力副教授
Fellow of IEEE
Tsinghua University, China  
Biyu Chen | 陈碧宇教授
Wuhan University, China  
Zhiyuan Liu | 刘志远教授
Southeast University, China  
Wanjing Ma | 马万经教授
Tongji University, China  
Zhijia Tan | 谭志加教授
Dalian Maritime University, China 
Daxin Tian | 田大新教授
Beihang University, China  
Mai Xu | 徐迈教授
Beihang University, China